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Another trip down Memory Lane - Paul Ryna

All hail the speaker Mister Ryan Paul Ryan

We all admit you’re really trying

to reconcile the truth you see

with our desire to be free.

Incredulous we stand amazed

at laws that you so easily praised

as paths to hold our freedom dear.

They’re hostages to every fearof government by people proud

and independent.

Tribes opinions facts and sanity

jokerIt is generally true enough to commonly be believed that humans tend to sort themselves out over a lifetime. We tend to do that for better or worse as the world we live in demonstrates daily. We sort thing into hierarchies and build gestalts, sets of linked facts that we use to make decisions and draw conclusions. We also establish opinions that can take the place of facts in our world view.

How do you know if you’re angry?

It seems rather obvious, first you look in the mirror for tell-tale signs of foaming at the mouth. Expletives, focused mainly on those below you in whatever hierarchy you are operating at the moment will do if foam is not visible immediately. If you are human, when you are angry you are far more likely to punch down at weaker targets than to punch up at whoever pissed in your soup in the first place. This seems to be a universal human characteristic, unless one is very well trained at dissimulation or in much rarer cases, very civilized.

Ruling versus Governing

sealThere are distinct and rather significant differences between approaches to running this nations executive branch. Every President in our history understood that his job was to govern the actions of those beneath him in the bureaus and branches of our government. Governing is all about defining limits, not just making decisions. Ruling is all about deciding what course to take at any given time then doing it. At times every President in our history sought more power in order to resolve a conflict between his legal authority and some perceived need of our nation. The Courts inevitably provide the boundaries of executive power here.

Economies are not inherently Fair or Just or even Honest

The first principle of economic vitality for a nation is that growth in wealth is desirable. It follows that shrinkage in wealth is not beneficial or even comfortable. The second principle is strangely absent from the current debate or totally denied by the folks who make the rules in our system. Economies are simply the sum of all the mechanisms for transferring and distributing wealth at play in a nation. They are never static, nor based in what is fair, just or even honest in any economic model ever proposed. .

A Policy of Meanness Without Meaning

Or How the Politics of Governors Will Destroy Republican Chances in 2010


“We don't want no new filthy stinking taxes sullying our pristine reputations?” “We are so absolute about maintaining the smallest level of taxation on the wealthy in the world that we have lost all political sense?” Or maybe just, “We think most of you are just as mean spirited as we are and that benefits us politically, too bad if you're broke.”

Not Just a Capital Idea

Or Why Participatory Democracy Matters More Than Capitalism

Our government is not based on Capitalism! We did not pick Capitalism when we bought into Democracy and a Republic. That choice is a not necessarily a natural outgrowth of the meaning we derive from our faith in this system of government. It is sometimes useful economically but not nearly as important as the Democratic Republic itself.

Wretched Excess Without Excuse

Or How the Right Have Finally Found Their Principles

Peel back the layers of the onion and when you get to the heart of Republican Principles, a word and phrase we have heard ad nauseum, they are soft and squishy. While peeling an onion that had sat in the drawer too long that analogy attacked me and held me down until I agreed to put it on paper. Now that poor pathetic rotten onion is being blamed in my analogy; blamed for all of the hate and bitterness, calumny and meanness of spirit the voices of the right are heaping on the rest of us.

Barack Moves Forward Jindahl Moves Sideways

 Or How the State of the Onion Makes Even the Right Cry a Bit

In the few days since President Obama took office the Republican response took a left turn. Or at least the Governor of Louisiana in his response hit the populist button regularly in his response speech. His most common phrase was, “The American People Can Do Anything!” Well Bobby, “Yes We Can.” We can discern jingoism disguised as patriotism in a New York Second. We can also tell real political acuity from silly partisan rhetoric.

On The Nature of the Test and It's Meaning II

Or How an Unpopular Republican Governator Could Succeed and a Popular President Fail -- Part 2

The Governator is the other half of this story. Arnold is a great big doofussy guy with huge pecs and a wife tougher than any of the characters he has played in movies. Civilizing Arnold was obviously impossible, possibly he played too many pagan warrior types in the movies. He started out as a popular politician because he sold himself as the answer to governing the ungovernable. The man he replaced had none of his glamor, he never wore armor or charged into battle. Of course we in California picked Arnold over the Gray man in the flannel suit.