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Nothing but Little Things Compel Me to Blog Again

henri's garden

I have spent the last few years commenting quietly about the world outside my doors rather than posting blogs and making a minor nuisance of myself on the Internet. The result has been a backlog of frustrated comments passed to my longsuffering wife and those close enough to me to bear my irritability. So I have decided to take up my pen and poke some fun at the established order once again. I am returning from a hiatus that became rather extended after the tragedy and horror of 9/11 interrupted my last run at commenting on the world we all share. I largely left George W Bush to his own devices as a gesture of good will toward reconcilliation between the two parties. Of course that never happened. I have forebore to build a website during that time and largely left the blogging to others.


The barriers to accomplishing anything worthwhile are always in place before we conceive of what it is we wish to accomplish. Those barriers are never personally devised by enemies or opponents. They are always there because the task worth doing is always more difficult than the easy things that we can do to keep body and soul together. Of course if no one tries to do the hard things that need to be done, like resolve conflicts and understand complex scientific principles, the world slides down the slippery slope of our own built up errors.

Taking Out the Corn Syrup

Or It Isn’t the Corn Stupid It’s the Amount of Sweetener

It is a wonderful life when visions of sugarplums resonate with the lyrics of a Beatles song inside your head. I guess I am a strange Loop too, Mr. Hofstadter. Or at times I am just strangely loopy about all of the young kids in the world. Sometimes I can even remember being one for a minute or two.

Its the Psychology of Stupid

Or How We Know That Nothing Will Help Until People Change Their Minds

No doubt about it, we are in a recession heading for a depression and no one can fix it unless we all work together. I have a dire secret for you. I never listen to talk radio anymore. Even the oldie but moldy Rock station is boring. I now have to turn on classical music to get a small lift. Today they were playing the Requiem Mass. I grimaced for a moment and then I thought,”How Appropriate!

Some Stories are too Scary

Or How the End of Civilization May Really Happen

Reading the prophecies of doom is an old hobby of mine. My kids and grandkids watch horror films for the same reason. Being scared when you are really safe is just another stimulating experience.