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False premises make logic serve a lie and truth an unlikely outcome

TuckerTucker Carlson, once the darling boy of the bow tie set, has aged a bit. The fine promise of his young vintage intellect seems to have soured and turned a bit too much toward the bitter. Perhaps caused by the distaste for a privileged life wasted on self-promotion. Hanging on to that bow tie might be part of the problem. It seems to limit the free flow of oxygen to the brain in a whole lot of the men who wear them regularly.

Listening to CNBC Forever Blowing Bubbles

I love to listen to TV when it is a forum for discussion of real problems. It is always easier to find the right answers if you can identify all of the people with wrong answers immediately. Of course some of the people that work on CNBC actually do know a lot about their single expertise. It is when they start passing out opinions about government and the Financial System as a whole that they exceed their competence.

CNBC and the Chronicles of NANA-NANA-NANA

Or, “We Have The Money and You Don't Have Any” (sung in a whiny see-saw voice)

Perhaps the end of times is actually coming. People are finally making fun of the financial network news. GE's venture into financial wit and wisdom came under the versatile fire of Jon Stewart and his crew of technical and comedic whizzes recently. Thank you Jon. It is high time that someone would prick the bubble of insanity on that Bad News Posing As Good News Network.

How TV Seduces the Best

Or if You Imagine it is Easy to Say the Right Thing Inside the Fish Bowl Try it Sometime

Rick Santelli is one of the more soundly grounded guys on the babble box these days. His views are generally measured and defined by his genuine insights into the markets and the economy behind them. He is also a bit more passionate than the run of the mill financial analyst on CNBC. So it was no real surprise when he expostulated dramatically about President Obama’s attempt to fix the home foreclosure problem. Some people then seized on his comments and critiqued them a bit harshly.

Hie Thee to a Nunnery

Or How Maureen Dowd Once Again Demonstrates
She was Both Catholic and a Child

Certainly there are media figureheads more worthy of ire than Dowd; plenty of them!  And as the advertising dollars continue to disappear a lot of them will simply disappear. I live for the day when the stockholders of the Mad Media Megasaurous Murdoch realize that he left his New Clothes on the closet floor and abandon him to his fate. In the meantime there is Maureen!