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Intermediaries Are Losing Power and Failing

The power of the intermediary in our industrial civilization is declining. Ask Michael Moore or Rick Waggoner and they both will agree on at least that one bit of reality. The truth about most of our lives is that they are driven by a small picture in which we play out our part in the world. When we are blown out of that picture, we face the ugly task of adjusting.

Having the Wrong Debate

There are a lot of debates going on around the nation and the world related to the financial crisis or crises if you would have it so. The world is debating everything about this mess from how it was caused to how to end it. The debate is couched in simple terms and rare jargon complete with complex equations. All of this may be necessary but it is also mostly useless.

Left Flapping in the Breeze

So, our whole economic model may need an overhaul. We had a windstorm last night. The winds were clocked at more than seventy miles per hour at the local airport.A piece of my neighbor’s roof blew off and landed in my yard. Luckily, nothing really serious happened and the roof part is now in the thrash.