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Jobs as a measure of security?

jobsYour jobs are going away. Trump cannot bring them back unless he reverses a lot of economic and technological changes. That would require the powers of a dictator strong enough to turn back time. It would also leave behind a devastated world without hope or any reason to believe in the long term survival of the human race. Admittedly, like most of us males over twelve he can be a dick, and occasionally, like most of us humans, he makes a tater look smart. But let’s not make him a dictator in pursuit of turning back time to the 1950’s.

The Worst and the Blightist

Or a Plague on All your AIG’s That Hatched This Monstrous Crisis


Well the latest bonus boner at AIG is the last straw and no one seems to know what to do about it. I have a suggestion but it is too graphic for this day and age. The checks are already written and probably cashed. The horse has left the barn without consequences to the perpetrators of this massive crime. And those contracts oh yes we must keep contract law sacred mustn’t we?

Wanted One Really Honest Man

Or Who Will Rid Us of the Troublesome High Priests of Finance

You have met the hero in a thousand stories in your lifetime. A guy who is too honest to be compelled by money or power to join the looting and steal their own children’s future. A guy with the clarity of mind to see the truth about human beings and the strength of character to live with it. Or, if you are so inclined, you can find a girl with the same characteristics. Too bad, they all seem to be in fictional stories.

Diddled by Dire Doldrums

Or How Obama Can Handle Bunk Banks And Turgid Traders

The screaming on Wall Street is audible on Main Street. But in the Beltway it is business as usual. Not that Tiny Tim Gerthner and his boss Ebenezer Obama are not trying. But a political establishment as entrenched and deviant as the one in Washington D.C. Is slow to change. Forty days in that ideologically driven desert, where no new ideas dare bloom, would cause most Messiah's to despair.

Getting Caught up in Infinite Debt

Or How Credit Card Interest Rate Rules Help Destroy Entrepreneurs

If you happen to be one of those peculiar people who love to start businesses you have to know how to handle debt. It is not an optional skill it is a required one. Few people who live in the world of confusion and promise that  offers them a handle on their own destiny do it without going massively  in hock. Debt and equity are two sides of the coin entrepreneurs flip when they design a new business. It is usually all done with OPM, (Other People's Money).

Party Time is Not Next

Or How to Lose Trust While Eating The Taxpayers Lunch

It is always amazing how tone deaf executives can be while they are pursuing their perks. Writing million dollar checks for entertainment seems to have become just like buying lunch at the local watering hole. What part about restraint while people lining up for food stamps and unemployment checks were they not taught in Kindergarten? Didn't they read the memo? One hand in the public till and the other passing out largess to your top producers and clients is over for the nonce.


A Garment Formed Along the Bias

Or how the Numbers Cannot do Justice to the Tide that Will Not Rise

I have heard a lot of the better analysts on Wall Street miss the mark lately. As usual I have formed an opinion as to why that is such a frequent event these days. My opinions are formed within my own perceptions. So this may not be any more accurate than the experts fishing to find the depths of a DOW in free fall. But I live by my opinions, as do most of us organic matrices of cells.

Henri on Business

The amount of business information passing through the media is growing exponentially. No single person can absorb that much information! This segment of the Henri Reynard blog reports items of interest to those who care about the impact of business on our lives. Hopefully we will contribute to the general debate.