Truth Reconstituted is Less True

Or How Spin Makes Liars Out of the Best and Worst Alike

It is sometimes fun to watch the pundits and politicos spin. These modern Dervishes are, after all, there for our entertainment; not to expose us to the truth. The strange Gods they worship have only one side, a right or a left, and little breadth and depth. Parody is almost always more fun than reality but it seldom serves as a sound basis for policy. This is especially evident in the outcry about the Stimulus Bill coming up for a vote today in both houses of Congress.

Nada Nada NADA NADA ding ding ding

With Sincere Apologies to Bob Carleton and His Muse

Turning a nonsense phrase into a hallmark of this depression is dirty work but someone has to do it. If you were as old as I am you would remember that song from the golden days of radio. It was written way back in WWI, yep even before I was born. The jingle jangle notes and rhythm of the song fit what is happening in our commercial sector quite nicely if you just transpose my phrase for Mr. Carleton's.


Hie Thee to a Nunnery

Or How Maureen Dowd Once Again Demonstrates
She was Both Catholic and a Child

Certainly there are media figureheads more worthy of ire than Dowd; plenty of them!  And as the advertising dollars continue to disappear a lot of them will simply disappear. I live for the day when the stockholders of the Mad Media Megasaurous Murdoch realize that he left his New Clothes on the closet floor and abandon him to his fate. In the meantime there is Maureen!


Some Stories are too Scary

Or How the End of Civilization May Really Happen

Reading the prophecies of doom is an old hobby of mine. My kids and grandkids watch horror films for the same reason. Being scared when you are really safe is just another stimulating experience.


The Glory of Science

Or How Young Scientists Lose Their Way on the Road to Funding

Science is a competitive existence that attracts a lot of people who want to make a difference. Unfortunately the higher you get in the hierarchy the less work you actually get to do that relates to your field of study. By the time you are totally in charge of your own projects your time is all consumed by raising money.

This is like taking a CEO of a major Corporation and making him raise cash on the street corner every quarter to pay his executives salaries.


It Will Take Ten Years to Recover

Or Why the Frosting Ran off the Cake Left Out in the Rain 

We have slaughtered the golden goose one more time. All of those lovely shiny golden eggs are nearly gone and the nest is wet and cold and lonely and dark. The fairy tale of wealth for everyone and homes for free was too good to be true. Now, one more time we are left with the aftermath.


Post Pubescent Crisis

Or Why a Squeaky Voiced Guy Is Needed to End Peculation on Wall Street

Rocked in the artificial wombs above the fiftieth floor on the streets of legend and luxury; Born into the loving arms of nannies dedicated to teaching gentleness and honor and valor and the sacred, secret knowings of the Right; Armed with the mighty sword of respect for things as they are, not as they should be; Clad in the Armani and presented with a cherry on top; Tim Gerthner strode out into the light of a new day.  -- The Great American Novel by Henri Reynard


Photonics is the New King

Or How Computing Continues to Careen up the Exponential Curve

Switching, that is the key to every breakthrough technology ever invented. Railroads depend on it to get their freight to the right location. Cars depend on it to run every subsystem under their hood. Delivery systems running to your home; gas, electric, water and phone all depend on switching to function.


Political Acumen Amen:

Or Now That We Have A Leader Can We Learn How to Follow?


Watching Obama play with the ideas that summon up a press corpse in these fractious times is fun. Never mind that journalism is dying as the newspapers gasp for money and advertising. Never mind that even the mindlessness of the Super Bowl was not quite the commercial success for the TV producers involved this year. Just enjoy the fact that just for one shining moment someone answered questions for serious people who really want to hear answers. And one hell of a lot of us watched him do it.

Henri on Business

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