Barack Moves Forward Jindahl Moves Sideways

 Or How the State of the Onion Makes Even the Right Cry a Bit

In the few days since President Obama took office the Republican response took a left turn. Or at least the Governor of Louisiana in his response hit the populist button regularly in his response speech. His most common phrase was, “The American People Can Do Anything!” Well Bobby, “Yes We Can.” We can discern jingoism disguised as patriotism in a New York Second. We can also tell real political acuity from silly partisan rhetoric.

On The Nature of the Test and It's Meaning II

Or How an Unpopular Republican Governator Could Succeed and a Popular President Fail -- Part 2

The Governator is the other half of this story. Arnold is a great big doofussy guy with huge pecs and a wife tougher than any of the characters he has played in movies. Civilizing Arnold was obviously impossible, possibly he played too many pagan warrior types in the movies. He started out as a popular politician because he sold himself as the answer to governing the ungovernable. The man he replaced had none of his glamor, he never wore armor or charged into battle. Of course we in California picked Arnold over the Gray man in the flannel suit.

On the Nature of the Test and its Meaning I

Or How an Unpopular Republican Governator Could Succeed and a Popular President Fail -- Part 1

Proposing a test for officeholders that holds them to their obligation to the people has become uncommonly ignored by the public. No one can argue that we are running a government dictated by the whims of the proletariat in this nation. After years of a Presidency run by men who massacred the meaning and purpose of our constitution in spite of oaths to the contrary we are used to politicians running amok.

From Abramoff to Madoff to Popoff

Or How Did We Tinker our Way into Ever Taking This Huge a Chance

These are the saddest of possible words:
"Tinker to Evers to Chance."
Trio of bear cubs, and fleeter than birds,
Tinker and Evers and Chance.
Ruthlessly pricking our gonfalon bubble,
Making a Giant hit into a double --
Words that are heavy with nothing but trouble:
"Tinker to Evers to Chance."

How TV Seduces the Best

Or if You Imagine it is Easy to Say the Right Thing Inside the Fish Bowl Try it Sometime

Rick Santelli is one of the more soundly grounded guys on the babble box these days. His views are generally measured and defined by his genuine insights into the markets and the economy behind them. He is also a bit more passionate than the run of the mill financial analyst on CNBC. So it was no real surprise when he expostulated dramatically about President Obama’s attempt to fix the home foreclosure problem. Some people then seized on his comments and critiqued them a bit harshly.

A Garment Formed Along the Bias

Or how the Numbers Cannot do Justice to the Tide that Will Not Rise

I have heard a lot of the better analysts on Wall Street miss the mark lately. As usual I have formed an opinion as to why that is such a frequent event these days. My opinions are formed within my own perceptions. So this may not be any more accurate than the experts fishing to find the depths of a DOW in free fall. But I live by my opinions, as do most of us organic matrices of cells.

What Good is Up

Or Does What Goes Down Always Go Up Again?

It is not only likely that when we make predictions we are wrong more often than we are right, it is probable. I like probability. Probability equations are fun. They tell you nothing much except what the laws of physics appear to be before you understand quantum theory. Quantum physics tells us that we make our own future. That’s right, you heard it here, we make our own future.

Bad Times Are Here Again

Or How Eight Years of Bush and Cheney Cured the Illusion of Prosperity

We never really recovered from the dot com boom and bust. Pretty much everything that happened in the eight years that just ended was due to an illusion. The illusion was maintained by a whole lot more government spending than taxing. We doubled our national debt in eight years to over nine trillion dollars. Some people think we escaped inflation. If you look at the way the cost of housing rose during those years you will see that we had a vicious form of inflation concentrated in one major area of human need. “The deflation hurts more Mommy; make it go away!!!”

The Politics of Fear

Or Does Governing Require Fear as its Primary Emotion

Having lived through the Bush cycle of fear are we now to be treated to a new focus for our dread? Is the economic disaster worse than 911 and the threat of a nuclear weapon in the hands of terrorists? Maybe we ought to look at this from a different emotional context. No one has total control over their emotions, so lets just all tranquilize ourselves into acceptance.  

In a Perfect State of Confusion

Or How California Went From Golden State to Broke in One Decade

I live in California for which I apologize in advance to those of you who do not. I moved here over twenty years ago. The culture shock was enormous and I nearly left before I adjusted. The weather kept me here. After well over forty years of Minnesota winters the warmth and beauty of California seduced me. Of course when Minnesota picked Jesse, “The Body” Ventura for governor I found it amusing. I am no longer amused.