The Worst and the Blightist

Or a Plague on All your AIG’s That Hatched This Monstrous Crisis


Well the latest bonus boner at AIG is the last straw and no one seems to know what to do about it. I have a suggestion but it is too graphic for this day and age. The checks are already written and probably cashed. The horse has left the barn without consequences to the perpetrators of this massive crime. And those contracts oh yes we must keep contract law sacred mustn’t we?

Wanted One Really Honest Man

Or Who Will Rid Us of the Troublesome High Priests of Finance

You have met the hero in a thousand stories in your lifetime. A guy who is too honest to be compelled by money or power to join the looting and steal their own children’s future. A guy with the clarity of mind to see the truth about human beings and the strength of character to live with it. Or, if you are so inclined, you can find a girl with the same characteristics. Too bad, they all seem to be in fictional stories.

Why This Downturn May Last Longer

Or Why Depressions Happen During Times of Changes in The Mechanisms Used to Transfer Wealth

Distribution not creation of wealth makes the greatest economic impact. No matter how much you grow the wealth of a nation unless it is distributed widely it does not make the economy stronger. If wealth grows only in the hands of a few wealthy families the economy is stagnant. It is only when economic growth is widely distributed through work and investment that new wealth makes its greatest impact on a society.

CNBC and the Chronicles of NANA-NANA-NANA

Or, “We Have The Money and You Don't Have Any” (sung in a whiny see-saw voice)

Perhaps the end of times is actually coming. People are finally making fun of the financial network news. GE's venture into financial wit and wisdom came under the versatile fire of Jon Stewart and his crew of technical and comedic whizzes recently. Thank you Jon. It is high time that someone would prick the bubble of insanity on that Bad News Posing As Good News Network.

Dear Mr. President The Mattress is All We Have Left

Dear Mr. President The Mattress is All We Have Left

President Obama, The real problem with the banking institutions of the USA is not just bankruptcy. It is the amount of drainage the managers of the banks pull out of the system of money management. Every dollar drained off for bonuses and salaries seriously impacts the depositor. It is the imbalance between our interests and those of the people running those institutions that is driving us to put our money under the mattresses.

Let Them Eat Snake (how to cow de cuss of medicine)

Or How Little Private Health Insurance Has Done For This Country

So far our health coverage in this nation has gone from emetic to pathetic. In my early life my mother was our family's only doctor. She dispensed emetics and other bad tasting medicine as needed. She also bound our childhood wounds and we healed the rest of the way by ourselves. I had one visit to a doctor between one and twenty and he saved my life with a penicillin shot.

Diddled by Dire Doldrums

Or How Obama Can Handle Bunk Banks And Turgid Traders

The screaming on Wall Street is audible on Main Street. But in the Beltway it is business as usual. Not that Tiny Tim Gerthner and his boss Ebenezer Obama are not trying. But a political establishment as entrenched and deviant as the one in Washington D.C. Is slow to change. Forty days in that ideologically driven desert, where no new ideas dare bloom, would cause most Messiah's to despair.

Getting Caught up in Infinite Debt

Or How Credit Card Interest Rate Rules Help Destroy Entrepreneurs

If you happen to be one of those peculiar people who love to start businesses you have to know how to handle debt. It is not an optional skill it is a required one. Few people who live in the world of confusion and promise that  offers them a handle on their own destiny do it without going massively  in hock. Debt and equity are two sides of the coin entrepreneurs flip when they design a new business. It is usually all done with OPM, (Other People's Money).

Where Has all of the Money Gone?

Or how Much all of the Savings Going to the Mattresses Matters

The world is experiencing a savings glut! In the latest gospel according to Paul, Krugman, a newly minted Noble Laureate lasso's the truth with his trusty lariat. The world is experiencing a savings glut! Duh!! I know explaining all of this is complicated. That fact is exacerbated by the publics' ignorance of accounting principles, business principles and the basis of Economic theory. But good grief Paul, just give us a clear path out of here.

So Let's Not Reward the Dishonest

Or how to Make Form Follow Good Intentions in the Foreclosure Crisis

I have a bold new idea. Lets not give taxpayers money to the people who stole money from the banks in the first place. I know, we need people with a little sophistication to rewrite these bad loans. Let's just not use anyone who sold a bad loan to any of these people to fix the problem. That will not be easy. The government is already selling former Countrywide executives, under a deal called PennyMac, mortgages at 38 cents on the dollar. They then recycle them and take both consumers money and taxpayers money in the bargain.