Economies are not inherently Fair or Just or even Honest

The first principle of economic vitality for a nation is that growth in wealth is desirable. It follows that shrinkage in wealth is not beneficial or even comfortable. The second principle is strangely absent from the current debate or totally denied by the folks who make the rules in our system. Economies are simply the sum of all the mechanisms for transferring and distributing wealth at play in a nation. They are never static, nor based in what is fair, just or even honest in any economic model ever proposed. .

Oh Donald, wake up and smell the coffee ( a little potty, but consider the subject)

Well it is all becoming clear with my first cup of coffee this morning. The Press is not the enemy of the people Mr. Trump, that is not quite right. Close but no cigar for the tweeter in chief today. I have a need that is not being filled quite yet but all good things come to those who wait. I know that the drives that make a man a billionaire are strong enough to smell them a long way off. Yours are a bit more pungent than those of the average billionaire, but some people like the odor of money rotting away in the outhouses of the wealthy.

Defensive Law Offensive Laws Too Many Damn Laws

The nature of Humanity requires some modification to reach a civilized compromise with its social, physical and emotional needs. Education and training in childhood, both at home and in schools, provide the main elements that most of us use to survive our own worst nature. Then there is the last resort of society, the law that governs those who will not or cannot govern themselves adequately. Most of us do not act out in hostile ways or create scenes that have a bad outcome unless we have imbibed too freely or used some other drug to release our inhibitions. Of course when we are young and full of the juices that scientists call hormones all bets can be off until age tempers our mettle.

Human Priorities, Grand Resolutions & Simple Solutions


So what would you like in your Christmas stocking this year? A small sampling of options in regard to who will live in the White House? A final resolution of the debt crisis threatening Europe and coming to a bank near us soon? A job? Participation in an orgy of self-righteous complaint about the system we created and are near demolishing as our final act on the planet? If your stocking is big enough and your stomach is hardy enough you can have it all just by joining one of the two big political parties and participating in our predetermined political process.

Life in the Small World of Humanity

Is there any reason to believe that people will survive the next two centuries? Hell of a question to ask at one AM in the morning when there is no one to answer it except a sleepy cat and me. The cat already knows my sleep patterns have driven me crazy, it likes me that way most of the time. This is like a lead into a creepy novel written by any of the famous horror writers in the pantheon of scary; but it remains a serious question. Can any species survive our dubious gift of intelligence mixed in with the dubious gift of a vast capacity for destruction of the world around us? Is intelligence a curse that has doomed our species or a blessing that will bring us to the stars and beyond?

Modern Medicine and The Fiscal Trap

MedicalJust a minute there, isn't science the basis of modern medicine? Sneering at medicine is abusing the very basis of scientific approaches to learning about the body, isn't it?

Nothing but Little Things Compel Me to Blog Again

henri's garden

I have spent the last few years commenting quietly about the world outside my doors rather than posting blogs and making a minor nuisance of myself on the Internet. The result has been a backlog of frustrated comments passed to my longsuffering wife and those close enough to me to bear my irritability. So I have decided to take up my pen and poke some fun at the established order once again. I am returning from a hiatus that became rather extended after the tragedy and horror of 9/11 interrupted my last run at commenting on the world we all share. I largely left George W Bush to his own devices as a gesture of good will toward reconcilliation between the two parties. Of course that never happened. I have forebore to build a website during that time and largely left the blogging to others.

Listening to CNBC Forever Blowing Bubbles

I love to listen to TV when it is a forum for discussion of real problems. It is always easier to find the right answers if you can identify all of the people with wrong answers immediately. Of course some of the people that work on CNBC actually do know a lot about their single expertise. It is when they start passing out opinions about government and the Financial System as a whole that they exceed their competence.

Intermediaries Are Losing Power and Failing

The power of the intermediary in our industrial civilization is declining. Ask Michael Moore or Rick Waggoner and they both will agree on at least that one bit of reality. The truth about most of our lives is that they are driven by a small picture in which we play out our part in the world. When we are blown out of that picture, we face the ugly task of adjusting.

My Cat Invented Twittering Years Ago

Ah now it all comes down to this question. Do you Twitter? If you want to be popular, as in a celebrity, you should, you may, you must!

My cat does! But then she is still trying to become more popular with the birds that live around our house.