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In Search of Sanity

By Henri - Posted on 21 June 2017

Sanity is a great, if illusory,  goal for most humans. I’ll use of all of the sane things about our society leaves us in a sorry state. Sanity is in the search for peace. The ability to recognize when we are becoming too powerful for our own good. The knowledge that life is too short to spend it all trying to rise higher in some hierarchy is a tiny part of sanity, but an important one.

Some foundational hierarchies that all of us should recognize are Beauty, Wealth, Strength, Courage, Truth, Faith, Honor and Trustworthiness. Pretty much all human characteristics can be examined from the point of view that sorting one another into hierarchies is how we define social position. All of tend to care where we stand in relation to one another in some regard.

Seeking fame, and through it power over others is a ancient drive and sometimes an infection that tries to transcend all else in some of us. It also places people in a hierarchy where your place is determined by how many people must pay attention to you. Every horror and atrocity in human history can be explained by examining where human hierarchies of the famous and most powerful people took that society. Our tendency to elevate people above their ability to lead us toward sanity is the story of the rise and fall of every empire in history.

Humans need hierarchy, they crave it because it is essential to sorting out where we stand in relation to everyone else in our world. Place in the human society that we are part of is more important to quite a few of us than anything else. Who we are in relation to our values of morals, ethics, or basic principles like honesty, faithfulness or decency often pales in comparison.

That brings us back to sanity as an illusion. If we get swept up in the grand game of humans, rising in our personally important hierarchies, we can completely lose the prospect of pursuing sanity. Where we stand in the rankings of our tribe is easily turned into an obsession that destroys our grasp on the wisp of sanity we were usually born with, or all too often, without.

Sanity is seldom a hallmark of large numbers of human beings living in close proximity to one another. Hierarchies get muddled and the world seems to become impossible to sort out. That is harder for those of us who are slightly less social or more unable to find a place rewarding us with some value in our hierarchical position. But those who crave fame and the power it gives them over their fellow humans are not entirely sane to begin with, and sadly often end without seeking sanity at all.

So if you could pick apart the hierarchies of fame in our world, a task Sisyphus would have rejected as impossible, who wins? Who would be the most important and most famous person on earth? Yesterday it was Barack Obama, Today it is Donald Trump.

This is not going to end well for the human race folks. This is not going to end well for most of us. It is all about who we elevate to lead us when we are this powerful a nation. For various definitions of sanity where would you rank our current leader versus his very few predecessors in the USA? Where would you rank him in regard to sanity relative to historic leaders of all kinds, from all periods of history? Be honest folks, this is really important. We will rise or fall on the state of his one mans sanity. His sanity will determine the outcome for too many humans to ignore it.