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Oligarchs and the Governments they prefer

By Henri - Posted on 25 July 2017

oligarchAt the core of the dispute between Russia and the USA lies one HUUGE difference. Russia is a fairly mature Oligarchy. The Oligarchs controlled Russia before, during, and after the Russian revolution of 1917. Their control has really never been challenged. Their power has been beneath the surface much of that time but it was always there. The state underlying the Supreme Soviet and its imperial power was the same in all regards as the state during the reign of the Czars. It is is only growing stronger in the current travesty of democracy under Putin.

Oligarchies are a stable form of government because they concentrate power in the hands of a few who serve no higher master than self-interest. They reward and punish one another based on their loyalty to their small groups common interests and the preservation of their power. The more concentrated political and economic power becomes the stronger the tendency of a government becomes to form and install an Oligarchy. We are reaching that unfortunate level of concentration of power here today. Those who would benefit from the establishment of an Oligarchy are clearly stirring our political soup right now. The current paralysis of our political parties is to their benefit and may have been empowered by their financial power used badly.

Their use of state powers is first pointed towards suppressing all effective opposition, then towards concentrating political and social power in their hands. The governments of Europe before the spate of revolutions that made economic interests dominant over raw military force were all oligarchies. Even the kings and queens worked within a matrix of power that emanated from the powerful few in their society.

The greatest threat to democracy is not a return to monarchy or a move toward some form of dictatorship, it is a return to unrestrained Oligarchy. Humans sort power according to hierarchies where the dominant person is at the top. Oligarchies are stable in a stable society because of that human propensity. The shift in who has power that must happen when we move from one generation to another at the core of those power structures is always a problem. Democracy allows for that with frequent elections that transfer political power less harmfully than unresolvable conflict leading to war.

Even in our democracy we serve the values of Oligarchy through our use of two representative legislative bodies in our Federal model. The Representatives and Senators are political oligarchs that we hire and fire regularly. We also have a President who serves at the will of the people. The Court system is hierarchical and oligarchical in its form and substance. But, again the will of the people is our buttress against the appointed and elected oligarchs who are put in office to serve our interests. They are not there to serve their own or those of the attached economic oligarchs who fund their campaigns.

Our economic state has recently acquired the power to really demolish the protections of our stable constitutional state and establish a permanent Oligarchy here. The economic power of a few corporations and even fewer billionaires is now becoming a threat in a very active sense. Only the will of the people stands against it. That will is weakened by our political divisions which are largely a byproduct of disinformation and propaganda. The media outlets that distribute the lies are usually owned by economic oligarchs like Rupert Murdoch.

The political action groups funded by the Koch family and the Mercer clan among others are new sources of fuel for the flames of discontent. They are members of the want-to-be-oligarchs club. They are working to replace Democracy with a permanent Oligarchy. We do need to organize in order to defend our power over our government. Oligarchy is a far more dangerous threat than dictatorship and far more likely as a replacement for our democracy.

In order to understand the Trump Russia connection the media that is not directly part of the problem must recognize that Russia can only benefit from the establishment of an Oligarchy here. That is their most favored outcome for all liberal democracies. They are interfering in elections everywhere using cyberwarfare tactics. Donald Trump is an Oligarchs President, not the President working for the people that you thought you were electing. Not at all. Wake up and smell the coffee before the toast here becomes, “Hail to the Oligarch in Chief.”