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A much needed respite from reality is not available so let us pray!

By Henri - Posted on 12 July 2017

prayThe current Reality show in the White House has consumed our lives and threatens to consume our nation. Politics may even be dead and reason gasping in this vacuum of vanities. Something strange has now taken center stage. Is this the stage crew or the actors we are watching here? Is the play over or yet to begin? Is emptying all reason from our government and our society the endgame? We all need to take a deep breath and exhale slowly into the balloon. Ah so! So we are drunk on the vast disarray of this moment.

Driving home seems impossible in this bout of intoxication. Sleep in the car and you will wake up tomorrow only slightly the worse for this moment of excess. Do not pull out of the parking lot until you regain the ability to walk a straight line. Having earned a thousand DUI’s in my younger life and never received even one, I rarely wonder at the random nature of justice. I know the guilty are seldom punished equally in this world. That is a product of human nature.

Will our reality host find his way to the communion rail, after seeking forgiveness? Will he rant and perspire his way offstage as his mentors in moral bankruptcy have done before him? Or will he finally drive us all off the cliff to awaken in a far far better world? I have not one whit of a doubt that we will survive this moment and learn from it in the end. If our government fails us as it seems it might, we will build one anew on the ashes. That is a product of the ongoing, and occasionally humiliating, historic conflict between freedom and human nature.

Our government, formed in the crucible of revolution is teetering on the brink. We need government, that too is human nature. Trillions of words have been spoken and written on that subject since humans formed their first family and built it into a clan. Making rules for the dominant to follow is government. Rules that serve and preserve the submissive and limit the dominant work. Both have their place in human nature and are written on the human genome.

Of course some of us will cling to the skirts of Trump as the bagpipes skirl and screech. They will play out their dissonant marital air. This new war is not for glory, old or new. It is for loot, lucre and the thin sheen of slippery lies coating what we really can see quite clearly. It is for advantage and power and all of the temporary values that obsess a certain sort of human. It is not about making anyone’s life better. Not except for those few who already have prospered in what is an inherently, and quintessentially human, unjust system of rewards and punishments.

The charade is nearly over and the tragedy is just beginning. The billions of lives affected if we fail will never give voice to their pain or any joy our downfall might bring. Not that most of us will ever notice it if they do. Their lives are lived within tighter boundaries than ours. They will never know the freedom of thought and purpose we enjoy today. The main question we will answer here is will we continue to enjoy that life ourselves?

Unreality gives us no succor. Fantasy will never bear the weight of this crushing reality. The mass and volume of this ugly real moment will destroy the very proponents who brought us this display. But time grinds all of us down in the end anyway. We will survive, but our shock and dismay will not buy back what we believed so firmly yesterday. We were once the best and the greatest and then we elected a man who said he alone could make us great!

Putin is winning and our President is his Bitch! Wash that off your hands you principled sycophants in stripped pants and bow ties. Cleanse the taste of that from your mouth if you know how. We are merely waiting to see how bad it really is today. Tomorrow we and our children will fix it or replace it. That is not who you are! It is who we are. That is why this world we built together will survive your worst choices and decisions.

We are the people who built this nation. We came from everywhere and nowhere, with no one race or class or social destiny to bind our hands in this great work. We did great wrongs and built upon them with the greatest assemblage of human rights that ever has existed. We did not bestow upon you the right or power to dismantle that and destroy its meaning. You cannot destroy it if you tear down every building and place we live and burn every law we have ever written.

It is in our beings to create this world over and over again if need be. That is the triumph of the people over this debacle and your weakness of spirit. There is an essence in human nature that drives our fates toward embracing freedom. We will always do that even when it always fails to give us what we need. Dominance is as human as submission. So is the need to keep our own fate from being decided by who dominates whom in some primal battle of the fittest brutes for control of us all.

So we wait impatiently for your leadership and its charades of justice and folly to play out. We alone will decide when and how to intervene in these events. When we do we will be armed with enough unity to accomplish what is needed. We will bring enough of a range of solutions to prevail over this latest mess your leadership has made. We will fix again what you have broken and cure the diseases you planted in our minds.

Then we will go back to work fixing the planet your greed threatens to destroy. We will laugh and sing and rut away like the beasts we are and always will be without end. We will feast on what we have between the famines that we know will come. We will live and die and cherish what we have for our brief moments of life. And we will tolerate your presence for as long as you make yourself one half as useful as the least of us.

So: Do not delude yourself that you are our masters because we let you lead. Do not deny us the fruits of our own labor so lightly. Always remember, we will live on, filling our tiny little lives with all of the human experiences that matter and loving one another the best that we know how. You do not want to inspire hate or division if you want a world worthy of human life. Most of all you do not want us angry and afraid! You who would rule and not lead are our natural enemies. We know that even if you do not! Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen!