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LOW (Lordy, How the mighty do fall)

By Henri - Posted on 18 July 2017

“Might makes right! Winning is not anything, it is everything! Greed is good!” I could go on and on quoting the antithesis of the reasoned wisdoms about life and the world that we all learned once upon a time. That was before it became fashionable again to mock what is wise and deny what the many thousands of human generations before had passed on to us. These things do tend to fade in and out in what appears to be cycles. Wit, wisdom, and folly are universal and always available but their popularity waxes and wanes. The practice of living a life of virtue is totally passe’ at the moment. Trump is a great man to his followers in this moment but how long that moment will last is harder to know.

We now live in a world where fame Trumps goodness and vanity Trumps humility. Selfies are the coin of our time but they will yield few images that can endure its passage. The immediate is more important than the long term, but only for the moment. In this world where I believe that our political powers have just been given to the person best able to lead us to honesty, truth and justice let us pause for one brief moment. Why is this leader at this time needed? Understanding why the human race needs reminders of what folly is and occasionally why the wisdoms of the past still matter is an important message of this process.

We have just given power to the person who speaks with the loudest voice, not the best reasoned words. He is teaching us the old rule, that we must believe in our leader no matter the truth of anything he utters. The ignorant has again become king by dominating and bullying the wise. The measured careful voices in our midst are falling silent, one by one. Imagine for a moment that we live in such a time. Human life is a cheap commodity again, to be bargained away over tables heaped with fear, Destroyed lives and even murder can be hidden behind lies about greatness to come. The power is held once again in only the few hands of those who support our leader without question. All others can again be jailed or killed at the whim of the few who hold the power. At the very least they must be punished for disagreeing with them.

Where have we seen this moment before? In most of human history. Everywhere when only the strong ruled. Everywhere when the Kingdoms of the earth were at war and the Empires of the mighty dominated the earth. Will the current occupant of our White House bring those times back? I trend toward optimism most of the time, but my signal appears to be weak at the moment and my message is rejected often. Still the message I am receiving is that the worm is turning once again. The cycle is moving from fill to wash in the cosmic tumbler and everything should come out new and clean at the end of this cycle. Or did we forget to add the soap?

Of course that conclusion presupposes that there are enough people who still value Integrity, Truth and Justice to change our course. Or does it? Don’t worry, before he is finished our fearful leader will convert his own followers into true believers in some ancient virtues. Bombast and bullying are only cool when you are not the one being bullied. The fantasies he has sold some of us, of good jobs for everyone, health care with lower costs to all, a great HUUUGE beautiful wall to hold out the scary strangers, security through giving up rights, have all been sold before. Those shiny objects tend to tarnish quickly in the open air of honest discourse and crumble to dust in the bright light of the sun.

And what of our Emperor? He may be finally exalted in the way he deserves. As the greatest salesman of: Truth, Justice, Honor, Integrity, and Individual Responsibility in the history of the human race. That is after we have bought him  his well-deserved new suit of clothes to hide his blatant, bloated nakedness. I have just the thing for the most utterly fashionable and appropriate design you can imagine. A little left-over tar from my roof and some very nice and completely white (of course) feathers will complement his hair perfectly, don’t you think?