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Hickery dickery trickery doc

By Henri - Posted on 01 August 2017

Hickery dickery trickery doc

your fantasy is just a crock

Your oath, a lie, lays broken now

“do no harm,” a cast off vow

The costs of care will surely rise

to all of us its no surprise

Your arrogance is just your duty

your lie is clear, a thing of beauty

to curb the power of government

the truth must often be quite bent


But we the people are aware

of just how much you really care

your masters trump the peoples need

it is their voices that you heed

and you are quickly brought to heel

if you fail the needs they feel

They strut and posture endlessly

demanding that we all be free

Requiring simply if we fail

in gaining wealth its our trevail

Our pain our problem simply put

you’d slam the door on healthcare shut


Ah yes the problems of the poor

are not your problem what is more

Their weakness is their own just due

if they were stronger more like you

they’d have the means to pay, its true!

But just one second doctor Price

your lie will bring a world less nice

The hate that got your master there

Is turning on the ones who care

about our nation and our future

you can’t heal that with any suture

known to man or any child

of God by your big lies beguiled

You want to feed on their belief

but what about their endless grief

We mortals all and souls belonging

To any faith are always longing

For mercy more than justice fleeting

yet you insist we take our beating


Ah doctor Price your false array

Of choices lead to our dismay

when wives and children are the price

that you demand that isn’t nice

that isn’t fair that isn’t right

and if you count on just the might

of those you serve you just might find

They have left you too behind

To pay the Price of their uncaring

while on to greater deeds they’re faring

Hickery dickery trickery doc

Your law is just an empty crock