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Frankenstein and AI beings are already here and have grown far too powerful

By Henri - Posted on 10 July 2017

FrankensteinCorporate Personhood has been around for a while. Our Constitution does not recognize it explicitly. The Extreme Court has judged that Corporations as human aggregates have most of the same rights as citizens under the law of this land. That is a dire failure of legal vision.

Anyone doubting that Corporations can act intelligently in their own interests has never seen the swamp at the center of our government. Washington is a pond the size of a city state and is teeming with lobbyists They are as numerous as the mosquitoes over a Mississippi slough at sunset. The corporations and a few extremely wealthy human individuals feed them and control their agendas.

They have taken over our government by influencing its regulatory agencies with their money. They are manipulating the lawmaking process by rewarding the lawmakers with campaign money and by other financial means. Careers in government generally pay poorly. Bonuses paid to employees who did any corporation favors during their careers in government are HUUGE in comparison. Resistance to the corporate agendas is punished by destroying careers, lawsuits against their own consumers and reprisals carried out by their highly placed agency supporters. They have achieved great control over the agencies put in place to regulate them and their interests tend to increasingly dominate our political process. Those who dispute that such a process exists tend to ignore reality or serve a Corporate Master or both.

Those lobbyists are the immune cells in a lifeform that can clearly behave intelligently in its own interest. The majority of them live lavishly on corporate money. Much better than any common corporate employee. They are in Washington to serve their corporations interests only, not those of any consumer or a social purpose of any kind. Corporate intelligence is real, it exists. Or as Gene Wilder declared so hauntingly in Young Frankenstein, “It’s Alive!!!

If we extend the analogy a little and view people who work there as the cells in the corporate body it clearly shares in their intelligence. It also shares their ignorance, their biases and their need to make money in order to continue living. It does not share their consciences, their morals or any ethical guidelines that may have survived their yielding so much of their life to the corporations’ care and feeding. It is a rare person in any corporation that fails to suborn their higher human values to its economic demands. If a corporate employee tries to serve their higher values they also tend to get removed before they can harm the great beast itself. 

Corporations do create value of an economic type. They do not  exert much effort toward sustaining values of a social variety or a cultural nature. The corporate bias toward raising the economic above the moral or ethical values of our culture and society is also alive and growing. What possible use do corporations have for values that lead people to oppose its interests?

It is pretty obvious to most observers that our nation has suffered from a growth in Corporate power for most of the last two centuries. It is also obvious that their interests are not the same as our own in many regards. We are now suffering from a virtual but also appallingly real plague of corporations and Corporate Political Power.

Just take a cursory look at two of our remaining major industries, Food and Medicine. They are primary industries and yield vast profits and massive economic force. Together they produce over forty percent of annual GDP.

Food is as primary to human life as water and air. The administrative branch of the federal government has been a tool of citizens desire to use government to promote the interests of our citizens in regard to the quality and cost of food. We have used it to counteract the corporate interests that now dominate in growing, altering and distributing our food. That is clearly not working out as planned.

Food sales fuel a massive industry at above four trillion dollars per year. Corporations dominate at all levels of that industry today. Little food is grown locally. Almost none by the consumer or their friends and neighbors. The missing nutritive and other qualities of our food products are now at the root of many of our most devastating diseases. The corporate bias toward selling foods that do not nourish us stems from treating food as solely an economic good. They are ill equipped to deal with food as a human, social or even cultural value at the core of human life. Thus food additives and Frankenfoods dominate their products. They demolish our health as a byproduct of corporate economic values overpowering our human needs.

In Medicine we find another highly altered industry that is suffering from corporate control. The constant human desire for experts to explain their personal weaknesses and physical symptoms of disease is always visible in every society. It seems to be universally true in all cultures and all periods of history that the practitioner holds a high position in the hierarchies of that society.

That practitioner and his support teams work for corporations now, not the patient. We have a Corporate dominated medical system that is both failing to make us healthier and pricing itself out of reach of most family incomes. Few can afford care at all, absent subsidies from government or insurance. The primary argument about how the required four trillion dollars shall be collected and distributed lies at the center of this debate. The nations where the government does the collection and distribution of funds are better served based on lifespans, general health and childhood health numbers. Corporations will never let go of their part of that four trillion dollar market willingly. We may have to wrest it from their cold dead hands in order to provide the quality health care that our technology and economy can support to all of our people.

Without some very large changes in how corporations work and exert their power in our lives we will fail as a nation and a society. I have a suggestion. It requires revolutionary changes in how we treat the “Corporate Citizen.” Our laws are failing us because of inordinate Corporate power. They wield that power in our government, our lives and our culture. We must limit corporate rights and deny them the power that their economic mass generates.

When a corporation commits a crime we should take it before a specially designed court. That court must be able to act without any regard for the fantasy of corporate personhood to determine the damage done and what punishment is appropriate. The Tribunal must also have the power to impose that punishment without recourse of the Corporation to another court in its own defense. Corporations have no right to human rights, it is a legal fiction that must be eliminated.

As long as our massive, “Corporate Citizens,” have the powers of their immense size and wealth empowered to modify our society through our political process they will remain above the law. As long as we allow them to carry out political actions to advance their narrow interests and place them above our human citizens our society will suffer unrepaired harm at their hands. It is indeed questionable if our human and civil rights can survive this plague on our world. They mean little to the corporate interests and the corporate masters are not concerned with such trivial things.

Yes AI and Frankenstein, embodied in our corporate model are already making life more difficult to live. They make it increasingly impossible for everyone with any desire to live outside their spheres of influence to find freedom from corporate influence or control. Their pervasive power is not a tolerable part of our political process and must be curbed.