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False premises make logic serve a lie and truth an unlikely outcome

By Henri - Posted on 03 July 2017

TuckerTucker Carlson, once the darling boy of the bow tie set, has aged a bit. The fine promise of his young vintage intellect seems to have soured and turned a bit too much toward the bitter. Perhaps caused by the distaste for a privileged life wasted on self-promotion. Hanging on to that bow tie might be part of the problem. It seems to limit the free flow of oxygen to the brain in a whole lot of the men who wear them regularly.

Of course “the global warming is going to be the death of us all crew,” is not really totally lacking in its own use of those air restriction devices. The Nobel committee expects proper dress after all. But at least they take them off when they retire for the night or go to work in their mad scientist lairs where they conspire to fool us all. Don’t you ever wonder who the real mad scientists behind false facts about climate change are in real life? I have a few suspects. They work for EXXON and Monsanto and other corporate beings. None of them is a Chinese villain promoting false science in order to gain leverage for China in international trade.

The scientists here must also be lying about the problems with dumping waste where we get water to drink and polluting the air we breathe. If the attacks on the EPA work we will be running a very uncontrolled experiment that will eventually give us more data than we ever could desire. All those totally useless environmental regulations cost like hell and are destroying jobs aren’t they? They are why our jobs have gone to China. Not the forty dollar an hour wages paid to some union members who want health care too in the most expensive health care system in the world. Of course the union workers are a vanishing breed here, they have abandoned the very idea of the unions that got them to the middle class. Now they are without the power of organized opposition to the destruction of their way of life.

Wages in China are rising as are taxes and graft and other costs of doing business there. The air in some Chinese Cities is as bad as or worse than the exhaust fumes from a new coal burning power plant here. Meanwhile Tucker drones away on Faux News, spreading rhetoric based in his belief that no premise is too false or contortion of logic too blatant for his audience. The problem is that Faux and other “Fair and Balanced,” media outlets have taught their audiences that false premises are just as valid as true ones. Truth is seldom fair. Its balance depends on its foundation in the rock hard facts we can find, not beliefs or opinions.  

Scientific reasoning is based on first observing some clue about reality that you believe can be proved or disproved. Then following that clue to building a premise that can be tested in the lab experimentally. Or, in some cases examined by gathering a lot of data from the real world that applies to the premise. That is only when lab results that apply to your observation are not possible to get. Finally that should take you to drawing the logical conclusion from your test results or your data. At that point you may expound a theory to explain the phenomenon and submit your proof of the causes of it to peer review.

Science is not high drama much of the time and pays a lot less than wearing a bow tie and playing the part of a conservative intelluctual for your audience. We do know with a high degree of certainty that the atmosphere and the ocean at the surface are both warming quite rapidly.

Those of us who choose to believe that scientific inquiry is a better way to find truth than serving economic interest are the we here.

We are concerned about that observation and where it seems to take us in the future. We know that the human impact on the planet is growing. The impacts of what seem like tiny human induced changes in the chemistry of the atmosphere and ocean are changing the stability of the climate. That conclusion is based on the best data about the history of the biosphere that we can discern from all of the data we can compile and analyze. We also know that clean air and water are vital to human health. That even the most stable climate is dangerous at times. Climate stability is important for a high quality of life for us and most of the other denizens of our biosphere.

We may love or hate bow ties depending on our preferences for clothing but our respect for science is primary in the success of our society and our economy. Abandoning that respect is dangerous to all of us. The success of Donald Trump depends on lots of people ignoring facts and spreading falsehoods widely. The media contributors to that success are among the most guilty of all the many propagandists in human history. Welcome to the club Tucker, you always have been a voice for right wing spin. Now you are in the big league of falsehood with the most successful liars and fools, the “Corporate Beings,” and their apologists. Unfortunately we are all on an earth which you are helping them alter with careless abandon.

Your attacks on science as the only human invention that places finding the truth above beliefs based in myths will no doubt continue. That is your main contribution to a dreadfully important debate. Muddling facts and denying that audience of yours the best value of your intellect, which is to find truth, is a shame on you. 

If they believe you it only then becomes a shame on them for not seeking truth more rigorously. Laziness and ignorance are not high crimes, they are among the lowest of all human common denominators. But we all owe one another the effort needed to seek the truths that we need to follow if human life is to become better, not worse or even extinct.