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Drunk, Busted and Puking

By Henri - Posted on 23 June 2017

DrunkIt’s a rotten morning in America. Waking up in jail hung over and ill by your own hand is not really worse than waking up every morning in this great nation today. What atrocities have our newest leaders conceived overnight? What follies have the followers of the madman in the White House enabled overnight as he careens from edict to edict in the flush of his new found power?

But wait, there’s more, as the Trump machine slices and dices the Constitution. The crowds of his opposition grow more histrionic in this historic failure of government by and for the people. Is this the doomsday of Democracy? Will his followers really endorse his campaign of fear and hatred Uber Alles? Will our abandoned allies in the outer world beyond the walls he so stridently claims will protect us abandon us to our fate? Are we the new Venezuela, having found our Chavez, the latest version of Argentina under Juan Peron? How far can this go?

Just one fucking minute folks, take a nice deep cleansing breath, OM, OMM OOMM OMYGOD have you seen the latest tweet? Perhaps a little less reaction would deny him his daily dose of the really good rush of stimulation he craves. The man is a major league junkie, thriving on doses of your attention. He doesn’t care about your opinion nearly as much as he craves your attention. If you think this is as bad as it can get, try not to fool yourself. This is not Richard Nixon or the man who would be King. This is a child having a tantrum over being forced to eat his peas.

Whatever sanity we have tried to install in our government over the last twenty four decades of our history is vulnerable at the moment. We have done this to ourselves and we really need the people who supported him to reject him. The rest of us will not prevail unless we enlist them in the cause of sanity. They hate our social agenda. They despise our intense reproach of their anger. They want the tantrum to wake us up to the fact that change might not be the best idea every time we think it will make the world a better place.

They are suffering enough to make them hate everyone who ever told them that the world in not a simple place. They actually know that, but their jobs are gone. Their security is in tatters. Their lives seem desolate and their kids are alien beings. What do we have to offer them now? They bought the hope message and what did that get them? Why not switch to the hopelessness they still can feel pressing in on every front.

They are aging, their friends are dying, their parents are gone and their trust in rational thought has been eroded by the failure of their belief in hard work and self-discipline being rewarded. Stop demonizing them! Trump is a symptom of their discontent. Listen to them and do not deny them the right to their own opinions however right you may feel at the moment.

Your hangover is overdue. Your follies are no less to blame than theirs. Stop the lies about knowing where the high moral ground is located and listen. For God's sake listen before we lock ourselves into the walls of intolerance for one another. That alone will doom the basis for democracy! Engage in living with one another again in the spirit of cooperation. Seek compromise even when we are opposed in the means we would use to implement new policies. Listen to them, they too are the voices in our nation crying out for justice in an unjust world.