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The Demopubs have failed us again

By Henri - Posted on 28 June 2017

trumpBoth the Democrats and the Republicans have failed us again. All most of us really want is our nice little lives, lived in a society that embraces our every belief. It’s a real relief when somebody else is willing to do the really hard jobs in the world. Being the boss is a pain in the ass. No really pragmatic human being wants that job. We would really rather prefer to let the dominant asshole in the crew keep the big things on track and concentrate on enjoying our tiny little life. Anyone that wants to be the President is nuts, by definition.

Trump wanted the job, really, really badly so we gave it to him. The only problem is that he really believed that the power to change everything came along with the crushing responsibility. As most of us know, beliefs are not facts. If that happens those of us who have a nice little life now will rise up and rend him limb from limb. The Presidency is a totally thankless, mean and massive job. Sometimes it draws in people who have a vast belief that they should be important to everyone else. The important to everyone part is what he was looking for, now he’s got it.

Trump is a plutocrat. He got there by taking something from everyone he could get to pay him rent. Anyone that is, who was also White and at least upper middle class. Anyone who had less ability to make money was less important. Anyone who was not a winner was a loser. . He took their money by promising to make their lives better in some way. His marks were getting nice apartments and living in the great buildings he owned. but that was not enough. So he decided to go where the marks always left their money behind and bought some great casinos. The suckers came in droves. You want this guy to give you something he calls greatness?

The illusion became reality and the money he made off the fools was not enough. So he drove those casinos into bankruptcy trying to take more out of the till than the suckers handed him. His daddy saved his bacon but it was a close run. He caught onto the idea of making his name into a brand early. Now everyone with an Internet connection has caught on to that idea. All this time he knew his life was more important than all of those people with nice little lives. The excellence of being Trump was the driving force in his life.

He laid beautiful women, and had dinners with rich and powerful friends. But no recognition of his importance in the world was large enough to fill his needs. He needed more money, more power and more of everything else than anyone else. So he found the magic of being a media star. Everyone recognized him after a while as the ultimate boss. His show was set up to make him more important than anyone else on the set, but he had bigger needs for recognition. They grew as he got older. Sometimes people are just that way. More is never enough.

So now he is President and there is a hint of panic in those around him. They gave him the job of conductor but he is throwing the brakemen off the train. He is surrounding himself with the yes men and women he wants. Now constant validation of his every desire can finally be his. But wait, there are all of the annoying people with tiny little lives who want something. They want jobs and healthcare and Social Security. Their needs are endless. All he really wants now is to bask in the company of other important men who defer to him and make decisions about everything that is really important.

The song, “If I Were A Rich Man,” informs us about his real idea of heaven, unfortunately he never seems to realize that he is there now. This is as good as it gets, for him. Tough if, “Biddy Biddy Booming,” all day long in your great big house in the middle of Manhattan isn’t what you want after you spent your whole life getting there.

And all those annoying politicians and reporters can’t leave him alone to bask in the importance of being President. So he needs a bigger job, with less annoyance. Something with a job description like “The Man who saves the world from the liars and fools who thought everyone was born equal.” Or maybe “THE ONLY MAN WHO CAN SAVE HUMANITY.” But those damn pesky reporters and critics are everywhere. Why can’t everyone just accept Trump as their Savior?

This is what happens when the man who wants everything and nothing is ever enough becomes President. Now can you assholes in both parties that led us here just tell him that the job of savior is open and let him move on? Then the rest of us can go back to having our nice little lives and ignoring the rest of you as you so damn well deserve! Oh, and this time don’t mess up! He taught us one thing, on his way upward to hell, how to say, “You’re Fired” and make it stick!