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Another trip down Memory Lane - Paul Ryna

By Henri - Posted on 27 July 2017

All hail the speaker Mister Ryan Paul Ryan

We all admit you’re really trying

to reconcile the truth you see

with our desire to be free.

Incredulous we stand amazed

at laws that you so easily praised

as paths to hold our freedom dear.

They’re hostages to every fearof government by people proud

and independent.


Cry aloud the honor of your vivid stance

your proud disdain your sad romance

with broken men who would erase

our needs our deeds and will replace

the peoples will with shattered truth.

you lost your honor and your youth.

The peoples speaker still you stand

with urinating tool in hand

and void on every dream and joy

the people have with your small toy.

We notice that, you surely know

no matter how hard you might blow

the torch of freedom is your master

and not the tool of your disaster.

It’s not our will you seek to serve

with clever words and iron nerve


Our illness is not yours to own

we will not cry or simply moan

in fear of government we choose

quite clearly in the end you lose.

You lost the small respect you’ve won

Freedom’s bigger than you son!

It’s not a role for you to play.

to satisfy your masters. Pray

on and steer our ship of state.

Beware the rocks that are your fate


You’ve made us hate the very sight

of who you are, with borrowed might.

You stand so proud against our will

and make yourself mere money’s shill

our wives and children held in thrall

to your fell masters every call.

A pile of promise on each plate

with no real beef, we can’t relate.


The tar is warm the feathers many

come see us soon we’ll pay a penny

each to see you wear them proudly

while declaring “Freedom,” loudly

Think of the pride think on the honor

you heaped then on poor John Boehner

Stand in your turn on freedoms’ stool

answering to those who rule!