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Author, Armchair Economist, Serial Entrepreneur, Science Buff and Political Junkie

Henri was born just before the beginning of this nation’s entry into WWII. He drank in Patriotism with his mother’s milk. His blood runs red and white but never blue. His exact date of birth is better left untouched as he is wont to say he was born on several consecutive days all in September.

He is politically to the right of Genghis Kahn and socially far to the left of Mao. His center is on the other side of the political circle from the people who are partisan by reflex.

He has also claimed that he was raised by Foxes in the wild and runs with Wolverines by preference to politicians. These facts are self evident in his writing.

Enjoy, comment, but disport yourself carefully. Wit that rises above distastefulness or to the level of wisdom is always welcome. Fools are never suffered at all.