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False premises make logic serve a lie and truth an unlikely outcome

TuckerTucker Carlson, once the darling boy of the bow tie set, has aged a bit. The fine promise of his young vintage intellect seems to have soured and turned a bit too much toward the bitter. Perhaps caused by the distaste for a privileged life wasted on self-promotion. Hanging on to that bow tie might be part of the problem. It seems to limit the free flow of oxygen to the brain in a whole lot of the men who wear them regularly.

Tribes opinions facts and sanity

jokerIt is generally true enough to commonly be believed that humans tend to sort themselves out over a lifetime. We tend to do that for better or worse as the world we live in demonstrates daily. We sort thing into hierarchies and build gestalts, sets of linked facts that we use to make decisions and draw conclusions. We also establish opinions that can take the place of facts in our world view.

Oh Donald, wake up and smell the coffee ( a little potty, but consider the subject)

Well it is all becoming clear with my first cup of coffee this morning. The Press is not the enemy of the people Mr. Trump, that is not quite right. Close but no cigar for the tweeter in chief today. I have a need that is not being filled quite yet but all good things come to those who wait. I know that the drives that make a man a billionaire are strong enough to smell them a long way off. Yours are a bit more pungent than those of the average billionaire, but some people like the odor of money rotting away in the outhouses of the wealthy.