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Frankenstein and AI beings are already here and have grown far too powerful

FrankensteinCorporate Personhood has been around for a while. Our Constitution does not recognize it explicitly. The Extreme Court has judged that Corporations as human aggregates have most of the same rights as citizens under the law of this land. That is a dire failure of legal vision.

False premises make logic serve a lie and truth an unlikely outcome

TuckerTucker Carlson, once the darling boy of the bow tie set, has aged a bit. The fine promise of his young vintage intellect seems to have soured and turned a bit too much toward the bitter. Perhaps caused by the distaste for a privileged life wasted on self-promotion. Hanging on to that bow tie might be part of the problem. It seems to limit the free flow of oxygen to the brain in a whole lot of the men who wear them regularly.

The Demopubs have failed us again

trumpBoth the Democrats and the Republicans have failed us again. All most of us really want is our nice little lives, lived in a society that embraces our every belief. It’s a real relief when somebody else is willing to do the really hard jobs in the world. Being the boss is a pain in the ass. No really pragmatic human being wants that job. We would really rather prefer to let the dominant asshole in the crew keep the big things on track and concentrate on enjoying our tiny little life. Anyone that wants to be the President is nuts, by definition.

Extreme Wealth is a cause of insanity?

Extremes of behavior are not very sane, they are outliers of human drives run amuck. Extremes of sexuality are abhorred in most cultures and societies. Rightly so because they cross boundaries that society needs in order to allow most people to take comfort in a shared environment. Extremes of fame, fortune and ignorance are equally questionable as being emblematic of the problem with any human need or desire when it is pushed beyond what a social system can support. Of these all ignorance is the least forgivable in a democratic society and the least punished of all extremes. It is about to be punished with the greatest loss of all.

Drunk, Busted and Puking

DrunkIt’s a rotten morning in America. Waking up in jail hung over and ill by your own hand is not really worse than waking up every morning in this great nation today. What atrocities have our newest leaders conceived overnight? What follies have the followers of the madman in the White House enabled overnight as he careens from edict to edict in the flush of his new found power?

Sowing the wind and reaping the whirlwind


Our new President is no butterfly. The maelstrom about the abrupt ban on travel from several Muslim majority nations is not tuned to the beat of a butterflies wing. It appears to be more in tune with a whole swamps worth sized swarm of mosquitoes. Unfortunately, despite the pocket despots dreams of total power, it has drained more blood from his credibility around the world than from his opposition. Of course the scientific principle that action begets reaction is not unknown to him. He wants the reaction. The bigger the reaction the more powerful he feels.

How do you know if you’re angry?

It seems rather obvious, first you look in the mirror for tell-tale signs of foaming at the mouth. Expletives, focused mainly on those below you in whatever hierarchy you are operating at the moment will do if foam is not visible immediately. If you are human, when you are angry you are far more likely to punch down at weaker targets than to punch up at whoever pissed in your soup in the first place. This seems to be a universal human characteristic, unless one is very well trained at dissimulation or in much rarer cases, very civilized.