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Frankenstein and AI beings are already here and have grown far too powerful

FrankensteinCorporate Personhood has been around for a while. Our Constitution does not recognize it explicitly. The Extreme Court has judged that Corporations as human aggregates have most of the same rights as citizens under the law of this land. That is a dire failure of legal vision.

Defensive Law Offensive Laws Too Many Damn Laws

The nature of Humanity requires some modification to reach a civilized compromise with its social, physical and emotional needs. Education and training in childhood, both at home and in schools, provide the main elements that most of us use to survive our own worst nature. Then there is the last resort of society, the law that governs those who will not or cannot govern themselves adequately. Most of us do not act out in hostile ways or create scenes that have a bad outcome unless we have imbibed too freely or used some other drug to release our inhibitions. Of course when we are young and full of the juices that scientists call hormones all bets can be off until age tempers our mettle.