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Sowing the wind and reaping the whirlwind


Our new President is no butterfly. The maelstrom about the abrupt ban on travel from several Muslim majority nations is not tuned to the beat of a butterflies wing. It appears to be more in tune with a whole swamps worth sized swarm of mosquitoes. Unfortunately, despite the pocket despots dreams of total power, it has drained more blood from his credibility around the world than from his opposition. Of course the scientific principle that action begets reaction is not unknown to him. He wants the reaction. The bigger the reaction the more powerful he feels.

Dominance Games

We are caught up in a new round of dominance games by the people we have granted the power to run our government. Dominance is how the power to rule people against their will or wishes is attained. We have served that master class before and always found government by their lights and facts wanting. Our new President thinks that the election granted him dominion over our lives and our government. He embodies the opposition to all the moral and ethical principles that made this nation great. He is a coward, a bully and worst of all a liar. How can we expect him to make this nation great? Serving the higher truths our founders set out in their Declaration of Independence is what made us great.