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Oligarchs and the Governments they prefer

oligarchAt the core of the dispute between Russia and the USA lies one HUUGE difference. Russia is a fairly mature Oligarchy. The Oligarchs controlled Russia before, during, and after the Russian revolution of 1917. Their control has really never been challenged. Their power has been beneath the surface much of that time but it was always there. The state underlying the Supreme Soviet and its imperial power was the same in all regards as the state during the reign of the Czars. It is is only growing stronger in the current travesty of democracy under Putin.

Left Flapping in the Breeze

So, our whole economic model may need an overhaul. We had a windstorm last night. The winds were clocked at more than seventy miles per hour at the local airport.A piece of my neighbor’s roof blew off and landed in my yard. Luckily, nothing really serious happened and the roof part is now in the thrash.

The Wealth of Any Nation Belongs to the People Who Create It

Any sweeping statement about wealth is bound to be wrapped up in controversy and tied up in arguments both relevant and irrelevant. The people who create wealth and those who destroy it are often one and the same. Outside of war, the world has never seen destruction of wealth on the scale of what has happened in the current Depression.

The Market is a Nasty Master and a Disrespectful Servant

I hear paeans of praise every day from both sides of our political fence for something called The Market. Few fellow humans have ever been able to satisfactorily explain just what they mean by that incomplete phrase.
I'm here to help you out. A market is a place where buyers meet sellers for the purpose of both going home satisfied that they cheated the other.

Leader Less or Leaderless

We are a people working on a disaster recovery plan today. I am working on disaster recovery here at home at one A.M. in the morning by typing away. My daughter who just lost her job is working at disaster recovery in her dreams at her house. My friend and neighbor is pushing dogs over the fence while counting them and trying to sleep. He is working on disaster recovery too.

Getting Caught up in Infinite Debt

Or How Credit Card Interest Rate Rules Help Destroy Entrepreneurs

If you happen to be one of those peculiar people who love to start businesses you have to know how to handle debt. It is not an optional skill it is a required one. Few people who live in the world of confusion and promise that  offers them a handle on their own destiny do it without going massively  in hock. Debt and equity are two sides of the coin entrepreneurs flip when they design a new business. It is usually all done with OPM, (Other People's Money).