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Another trip down Memory Lane - Paul Ryna

All hail the speaker Mister Ryan Paul Ryan

We all admit you’re really trying

to reconcile the truth you see

with our desire to be free.

Incredulous we stand amazed

at laws that you so easily praised

as paths to hold our freedom dear.

They’re hostages to every fearof government by people proud

and independent.

Tribes opinions facts and sanity

jokerIt is generally true enough to commonly be believed that humans tend to sort themselves out over a lifetime. We tend to do that for better or worse as the world we live in demonstrates daily. We sort thing into hierarchies and build gestalts, sets of linked facts that we use to make decisions and draw conclusions. We also establish opinions that can take the place of facts in our world view.

Dominance Games

We are caught up in a new round of dominance games by the people we have granted the power to run our government. Dominance is how the power to rule people against their will or wishes is attained. We have served that master class before and always found government by their lights and facts wanting. Our new President thinks that the election granted him dominion over our lives and our government. He embodies the opposition to all the moral and ethical principles that made this nation great. He is a coward, a bully and worst of all a liar. How can we expect him to make this nation great? Serving the higher truths our founders set out in their Declaration of Independence is what made us great.

How do you know if you’re angry?

It seems rather obvious, first you look in the mirror for tell-tale signs of foaming at the mouth. Expletives, focused mainly on those below you in whatever hierarchy you are operating at the moment will do if foam is not visible immediately. If you are human, when you are angry you are far more likely to punch down at weaker targets than to punch up at whoever pissed in your soup in the first place. This seems to be a universal human characteristic, unless one is very well trained at dissimulation or in much rarer cases, very civilized.

Oh Donald, wake up and smell the coffee ( a little potty, but consider the subject)

Well it is all becoming clear with my first cup of coffee this morning. The Press is not the enemy of the people Mr. Trump, that is not quite right. Close but no cigar for the tweeter in chief today. I have a need that is not being filled quite yet but all good things come to those who wait. I know that the drives that make a man a billionaire are strong enough to smell them a long way off. Yours are a bit more pungent than those of the average billionaire, but some people like the odor of money rotting away in the outhouses of the wealthy.