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Diddled by Dire Doldrums

Or How Obama Can Handle Bunk Banks And Turgid Traders

The screaming on Wall Street is audible on Main Street. But in the Beltway it is business as usual. Not that Tiny Tim Gerthner and his boss Ebenezer Obama are not trying. But a political establishment as entrenched and deviant as the one in Washington D.C. Is slow to change. Forty days in that ideologically driven desert, where no new ideas dare bloom, would cause most Messiah's to despair.

A Garment Formed Along the Bias

Or how the Numbers Cannot do Justice to the Tide that Will Not Rise

I have heard a lot of the better analysts on Wall Street miss the mark lately. As usual I have formed an opinion as to why that is such a frequent event these days. My opinions are formed within my own perceptions. So this may not be any more accurate than the experts fishing to find the depths of a DOW in free fall. But I live by my opinions, as do most of us organic matrices of cells.